At-Large City Councilor
I’m proud to endorse Andrew Zarro because I believe in representation and all-inclusive Democracy. Andrew is a gay man running as a climate champion and a member of Portland’s thriving small business community.Join me in creating a more diverse council by voting for Andrew on Nov 3rd, 2020
City Councilor, District 2
Andrew is exactly the type of City Councilor we need as Portland navigates these tumultuous times. His leadership and experience in bringing diverse communities together is paramount as we face the pressing issues of the economic fallout of COVID-19, climate change and affordable housing.

Andrew knows how to connect with people and meet them where they are at. He understands the urgency to act, and has a strong grasp on the complexities of the difficult challenges facing our city. He does the work and lives his values. I endorse Andrew’s run for Portland City Council, and I look forward to serving with him.

Portland School Board, District 3
In the five years that I have known Andrew, he is unwavering in his commitment to equity and approaching community development with this at the center. A compassionate human who helps bring others up especially those with systematic disadvantages. Andrew for City Council please!
Portland Water District Trustee
District 4 Resident
I’m excited to vote for Andrew Zarro to represent my district as City Councilor in District 4! We’ve lacked strong representation on the council in the last decade and I look forward to Andrew’s honesty and transparency and his positive high-energy motivation to meet the challenges of our time head on. Andrew builds bridges. He easily forms connections between small business leaders, local advocates, and other diverse populations in District 4. He is professional, motivated, neighborly and community-focused; important qualities that will serve our district well as he joins the council. Andrew shares my passion for preserving our natural world and leaving it cleaner for future generations. As he says, “There is no idea too small when it comes to combating climate change.” Andrew is not only full of good ideas to help Portland, but willingly listens to residents’ input as well. I hope you’ll join me in electing Andrew as our next District 4 City Councilor. We need his voice for District 4 on the City Council.
Marpheen Chan
Portland Human Rights Advocate & Community Leader
Andrew has proven, as a small business owner and entrepreneur, that he can bring people of all walks of life together by creating a safe and inclusive environment. Portland residents will benefit from that kind of approach to policy making on the city council, especially when it comes to issues like housing, the environment, and sustainable growth.
Equity in Portland Schools
We endorse Andrew Zarro for District 4 City Council! Currently our City Council has no one from the LGBTQ+ or small business communities. Both communities are cornerstones of our city and sources of great civic pride. As owner of Little Woodfords coffee shop, member of the LGBTQ+ community, former president of Back Cove Neighborhood Association, and a community organizer with a passion to address systemic racism and inequity—Andrew would not only provide those critical community perspectives, he’d bring a wealth of skills, experience, and an open mind to City Hall. We think he’d make a terrific City Councilor.
Our first municipal endorsements are here! With powerful work happening on the ground in Maine communities – including in Portland and South Portland with the #oneclimatefuture plan – it’s clear that policies developed at the local level can serve as models for transformative climate action in other communities and statewide. Our endorsed candidates share our values: climate action, the pursuit of clean energy, and an equitable, safe democracy.
DFA is thrilled to endorse Andrew Zarro for Portland City Council, District 4. Andrew’s plans to redistribute resources away from policing as we know it, towards community development will make Portland a model for the nation in restorative justice.
Small Business Owner, MAIZ Colombian Street Food
District 4 Resident
As a resident and a small business owner in District 4, I am excited to be able to endorse Andrew Zarro for Portland City Council. A little over a year ago when my husband and I made the decision to move our business from Monument Square to Woodfords Corner Andrew became a close friend, advocate and resource for us. As we navigate the challenges that come with being a small business in a growing city (and during a pandemic), Andrew has consistently been there to listen to our unique business needs. He is always ready to help with resources and tangible solutions. His deep knowledge of the City, his involvement with neighborhood betterment organizations and his experience running a small business gives him unique insight that is needed at City Hall. Andrew truly walks the walk when it comes to uniting and lifting up his community — all you need to do is walk into his coffee shop or sit and have a conversation with him to know. I am confident that as a City Councilor Andrew will represent our voice because since meeting him he has already unwaveringly been showing up for us as a friend, neighbor and business owner.
Owner, Millcove Baking Co.
I couldn’t be more proud of and excited for my friend Andrew in his run for City Council District 4. I first met Andrew three years ago when I approached him about selling my product at his new coffee shop, Little Woodfords. From the second I met him, Andrew poured so much love and support into my business, and new friendship into my life. This was all while managing to own and operate his own business, work multiple jobs, be an activist in his community and specifically in his own neighborhood. When the pandemic hit, unlucky timing also forced Andrew to have to relocate his business, and I watched as he navigated these obstacles effortlessly, all while providing support to his employees during an unprecedentedly challenging time. Not only does Andrew work to create safe, inclusive spaces in our city for every body, but he also truly believes in the ability to make positive changes around him. Some might be bitter or jaded, but Andrew chooses to move forward with strength and determination to change what needs changing. He is a kind soul, a hard worker, a good friend, a passionate activist, and an excellent choice for City Council.
Co-Owners, Backyard Blooms
District 4 Residents
As residents of District 4 and co-owners of a small business that serves a diverse clientele, we believe that inclusion is the key to building a strong community. As a small business owner himself, Andrew embraces this same philosophy. His coffee shop, Little Woodfords, was started with the intention to bring the community together in a shared and welcoming space. When we approached Andrew to inquire if Backyard Blooms might gain community visibility through selling floral arrangements at his coffee shop, Andrew’s response was positive and enthusiastic! Andrew has continuously demonstrated commitment to his community and his support for our small business has continued as time has passed. We consider Andrew an incredible asset to the neighborhood and to Portland and we endorse Andrew Zarro for Portland City Council. Andrew will strive to build an inclusive, sustainable and progressive community culture that serves his diverse constituents. We are confident that Andrew’s determination, strength of character and dedication to District 4 will ensure that our community’s voices are heard, appreciated and elevated.
Co-Owner, Pot + Pan
I am proud to endorse Andrew Zarro for City Council because I have experienced first hand his ability to curate safe space for all people, as well as advocate for all voices. There was an instantaneous shift in our neighborhood of Woodford’s Corner on the day Andrew opened Little Woodfords; inclusion, warmth, and community radiated from its doors. 2020 has proven that it is now more important than ever to diversify the representation of our city council – specifically with small business owners like Andrew, who play one of the largest roles in supporting Portland’s charm and vitality.
Founder, PowerWith Consulting
As the former executive director of Portland Downtown, I got to know Andrew personally and professionally via his role at GrowSmart Maine and also through his bustling coffee shop and community gathering spot, Little Woodfords. Andrew’s passion for and commitment to Portland is unwavering. His academic achievements in Community and Economic Development and Public Administration only solidify the case that Andrew has both the passion for civic life and the intellectual chops to tackle complex issues. Every day, policy-makers have to make important decisions that impact the lives and livelihoods of the community of which they are a part. Andrew will lead with his heart and with his head — a winning combination in my mind.
Co-Founder/Former President, Back Cove Neighborhood Association
District 4 Resident
I know Andrew as a friend, as a patron of his business, and as a fellow community organizer. Throughout the Back Cove area and Woodfords Corner, he is a vital and resourceful connector–someone who understands and appreciates people, and who is committed to building a better Portland. District 4 and the entire city would be fortunate indeed to have him represent all of us on City Council.
Lecturer in Economic Development & Planning, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
District 4 Resident
Andrew is the real deal. A small businessman and a practical idealist, he has the patience and people skills to take on the challenges facing Portland. He understands how important sustainable development is to the future, and will bring a Smart Growth perspective to the Council. As the same time, he understands that we can’t just close our eyes and make change happen. It takes hard work, sometimes boring work, to get to a better place. Andrew is the type of person who will stick with it and make good things happen.
Activist/ USM Muskie School of Public Service, Policy Assistant
Andrew is the exact voice we need in the Council. His prior work in reforming our harmful justice system and excellent ideas in restorative justice is the type of leadership that’s missing in our elected officials. Thank you for setting the stage to a difficult position!
Production Specialist
I reached out to Andrew on a whim at a time in my life where I was contemplating starting a small business of my own. Not only was he quick to respond, but he generously offered his time, shared his expertise, and made me feel like anything was possible in a moment I was facing a mountain of self doubt. Through it all Andrew walked me through the process, shared resources that had been useful to him as he started Little Woodford’s, and continued checking in over the weeks and months that followed to see how things were going. While the business venture itself hasn’t gotten off the ground (yet), I have watched as Andrew has offered this same level of thought and care to so many others. He continually demonstrates what radical community listening and showing up for your neighbors looks like. As an active listener, clear communicator, community advocate, and organizer who knows how to take tangible steps forward to enact change, District 4 would be more than lucky to have Andrew as their City Counselor. He is the epitome of what community focused leadership looks like and in this moment where so many things are uncertain, he is exactly the kind of leadership Portland needs
Manager at Little Woodfords
Over the past two and a half years I have worked with Andrew at Little Woodfords. Aside from being my employer, he has also become a dear friend of mine. I think Andrew will bring a lot of really important conversations to the table, and will take on the role to better our City in any way he can. His progressive ideas and his care for people inspire me and will inspire so many young people to vote and become more involved with local politics. I believe having LGBTQ+ voices in any space is deeply important, especially in leadership positions. If elected, I know Andrew will work hard to represent all people in the diverse communities of District 4.
Employee at Little Woodfords
Working for Andrew at Little Woodfords has been the most positive work experience I have ever had. After working in the service industry for six years, I was refreshed to meet a small business owner whose main goal was to cultivate community and a welcoming space for all people. As an employer, Andrew is kind, understanding, creative, and thoughtful. Prioritizing the wellbeing of his employees is built into his business model. Andrew is devoted to including the needs and thoughts of his employees, customers, and community members when making changes, demonstrating his “for the people” mentality. He shows up for diverse sectors of the community and truly lives the title of public servant. As an employee I have felt supported, inspired, and empowered by Andrew and as his friend, I have felt consistently in awe of his capacity for caring. I believe he will turn the tides toward compassionate policy and systemic change. The city of Portland would be lucky to elect Andrew Zarro for City Council!